Thursday, 14 July 2011



Welcome to my new blog, Fashion Design Dreams! I guess this is where I should introduce myself to everyone. I'm Megan, I'm 22 years old and I am currently living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. One of the biggest passions in my life (along side my other love, horses) is fashion and fashion design. Hence the reason for this blog, which I hope to use to follow my adventures in fashion design. I guess you could say I'm a serial blogger, as I used to run a different little fashion blog called Pudding and Pie. The past few months or year, however, I've found the stress of taking outfit photos and cataloging designer collections was losing its fun so I let it fall into inactivity. Instead, I wanted to start a new blog focusing on my own fashion design process, rather than on clothes made by other people. So, today at work, while sketching some designs, I thought about doing a blog about fashion design, rather than just fashion. So here we are: Fashion Design Dreams.

So that's a little about me and why I started the blog. Below is a picture of me in a dress I designed as part of the design class I took last year. More fun stuff to follow!


  1. This is great. So glad you decided to do this.

  2. Congrads! cool blogging!