Sunday, 17 July 2011

Project 1: Mock-up

So, I completed a mock-up of the gored skirt I'm working on. It's really simple, so the mock-up didn't take long to put together. I didn't bother putting in the pockets, I just wanted to check the fit, since I hadn't used my skirt blocks in a while. I'm worried that there might be a little wonkiness going on in the back, but I'm going to see what it looks like with the middle and sides are different colours. I was also running out of muslin, which is why some panels are longer than others. I'm not worried about the bottom, so I just made do. I need to go muslin shopping though. I apologize for the terrible lighting, it was after midnight and I was too tired to fight with my point-and-shoot so I just used the underwater setting. I'll use my Nikon for the finished product.

The next step is my least favourite part of sewing: ironing fabric.


  1. I wonder how that skirt is now?????

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